Tarantula closeup
Obviously some species of beetle. I have found several similar beetles but nothing exactly determining the type. Crawling across an exotic cactus from Mexico.
Sulfur butterfly hanging off blade of grass by the waterside.
Appears to be a Longwing butterfly, Zebras Heliconian. The ID comes from a photo of a heliconian with yellow stripes, not white so this may be a variation, or a different species. Native to the SE US occassionally extending west and north.
Appears to be a female Julia Heliconian. Specific ID markings are the white stripes diagonal across the mid, lower wings and the black dots on the leading edge of the wings.
Malachite. Siproeta stelenes. Abeautiful butterfly. Atropical butterfly who's extended range can reach southern Texas and Arizona, though this is rare.
A Longwing and a Heliconia feeding together. The heliconia is starting to look its age as noted by the faded wings and the roughened edges of the trailing edge.
Tropical white butterfly. ID marks are club-ended antennae, black designs on trailing edge of wings. Generally ranges through the southern states, esp. Texas and Florida.
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